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In the past middle of February 2016, the Indonesian government is about to bans Tumblr because of pornography contents. Several days later, they decided to remove the bans’ appeal. Even so, it is interesting that our government really cares about pornography. So in this essay, I will discuss more pornography. The following paragraphs cover 3 ideas: impressive statistics of pornography, pornography as a huge market, and how do pornography destroy our generation.

In October 2015, released a lecture video from Jeff Logue, Ph.D., a Master of Science in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. According to his research, it is said that 20% of men admitting to accessing porn at work. Forty millions of US adults regularly visit internet pornography websites and ten percent of them were admitting to internet sexual addiction. These statistics clearly show that many people are using pornography.

Another statistic from the same well, showing that a growing number of women are also engaging with pornography. Thirteen percent of women admit to accessing porn at work, seventeen percent of all women struggle with porn addiction, and a third of all adult websites visitors are women. At this point, we can conclude that pornography is people problem, not only for men but also women. It affects everyone.

Nowadays it is common to consider everything as a market, so does porn. All porn sites on the internet have more visitors than the combination of Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter for all time ( It stands to reason for $2.8 billion, an expected income of mobile porn by 2015 only. Pornography then becomes an industry with $97 billion stocks in the worldwide, equals to six times of Freeport stock in the worldwide. These facts lead us to ensure that pornography is a huge market. That’s why its business can exist through decades.

But the master problem from pornography is it can destroy our generation. So how does pornography do such an evil act like that?

Our brain has a special, unique organ named Pre Frontal Cortex (or we call it PFC). PFC plays a role as our director. It controls us when we manage our attitude, making a choice (a good one or an evil one), think critically, and planning for the future. A presence of this organ in the human brain reveal that human is totally different with animals, who cannot manage some activities as we mentioned before.

Unfortunately, PFC is a sensitive organ. He may break because of an excessive flow of some hormones, one of them is dopamine. So dopamine will damage our PFC like a big flood damaged the office. And when our PFC is destroyed, we will become an addict and forget about morals and attitudes. This is how pornography changed a good man (or child) into a worse one.

When we see a pornographic picture or video, our limbic system responds with releasing a hormone named dopamine. Dopamine will encourage us to feel very happy and relax. Once dopamine released because of watching porn, they will come out again because people become enthusiastic about it.

An astonishing fact is, pornography will destroy five organs in our brain (including PFC), while narcotics is only destroying three. Research by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device (a device who can look inside our brain) shows that the damage caused by pornography in our brain is equal to the damage caused by car collision. Clearly, pornography can destroy our generation in a physiological manner and ethical manner.

So we already discuss statistics of using porn, porn as a huge market, and how porn destroy our generation. The logical reason why am I getting down to this topic is pornography can affect everyone. I, you, your friends, your brother, or maybe your child can be a victim of pornography. This is precognition before something worse happens. We still have times to fight out this enemy. Let’s save our generation.

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